Blade of Renown




A Ranger of the North inspired outfit.

Cosmetic items, dyes and lotro-wiki information about the pieces used are listed below:

Shoulder: Shoulders of the Anórien Tree (dyed black)

Chest: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Jacket (dyed gray)

Hands: Gloves of the Glírberion (cannot be dyed)

Legs: Leggings of the Erebor Storm (dyed black)

Feet: Ceremonial Town-saver’s Boots (dyed black)

Cloak: Radagast’s Hooded Cloak (dyed black)

Weapon: Well-worn Sword of the Brotherhood


4 thoughts on “Blade of Renown

  1. Now that’s a rare sight indeed. I seldom see the Erebor instance gear used in anything nowadays and I must say that’s a very creative use for those leggings. And I love the outfit too. It definitely has a rugged, yet battle-ready feel to it!


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