A LOTRO Outfit for Hobbits






Cosmetic items, dyes and lotro-wiki information about the pieces used are listed below:

Back: Cloak of Plenty (dyed Black)
Head: Helm of the Erebor Watcher (dyed Grey)
Shoulder: Fortified Shoulders of the Flowered Vale (dyed Imladris Fallen Leaf)
Chest: Robe of Anórien Mercy (dyed Imladris Fallen Leaf)
Hands: Gloves of the Spear-way (dyed Walnut Brown) – or any medium armour barterer at the Ox-clan Merchant Camp

Instrument: Lute of Ages

2 thoughts on “Merrymaker

    1. Indeed! Such a pity that combining it with those shoulders causes some bad clipping, but that cloak felt too hobbit-ish to be left out
      Thank you for stopping by!


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