Restocking the Market

Restocking the Market

A LOTRO Outfit for Hobbits






Cosmetic items, dyes and lotro-wiki information about the pieces used are listed below:

Head: Adventurer’s Hat (dyed Umber)
Shoulders: Ascot Scarf (Dyed Red)
ChestCel-crus (Dyed Shire Peach) – acquired after looting the first chest of the instance Dargnákh Unleashed (tier 2)
Hands: Munce’s Gauntlets or Gleaming Leather Gauntlets (dyed Walnut Brown)
Legs: Dwarf Quilted Leggings (dyed Walnut Brown)

Handheld: Basket of Apples
Steed: The Farmer’s Second Favourite Steed

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