A Merry Yuletide

A Merry Yuletide





Cosmetic items, dyes and lotro-wiki information about the pieces used are listed below:

❄️ Hers ❄️
Head: Knitted Cozy Frostbluff Cap(dyed Belegaer Blue)
Shoulders: Mantle of Winter Drifts (dyed Belegaer Blue)
Chest: Wildermore Survivor’s Robe (dyed Belegaer Blue)
Hands: Warm Yule Mittens (dyed Belegaer Blue)
Shoes: Fangorn Shoes of Spirit(dyed Belegaer Blue)
Back: Cloak of the Woodsmen (dyed Belegaer Blue)

❄️  His ❄️
Head: Helmed Mantle of Winter Drifts(dyed Ered Luin)
Chest: Knitted Frostbluff Tunic of Snowball Resistance (dyed Ered Luin)
Hands: Knitted Frostbluff Mitts of Comfort (dyed Ered Luin)
Shoes: Vibrant Campaign Shoes of the Rider (dyed Ered Luin)
Back: Swift Wool Cloak of the Dwarf-holds(dyed Ered Luin)

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